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What method do you use to clean carpets?

We employ a number of different cleaning methods including:

  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Dry Foam Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonnet Shampooing
  • Zero Rez (residue) Cleaning

What kind of training to your employees go through?

Our technicians are required to carry their Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), so they are excellently trained and equipped to handle all your carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning needs. After they arrive at your home or business, they will carefully and thoroughly assess your situation and needs and tell you which cleaning method they recommend. This customized service is just one of the ways we ensure the best cleaning possible and your complete satisfaction.

Are the chemicals and methods you use safe for my family and my carpets?

Absolutely. Our carpet cleaning techniques never utilize harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes. We use only non-toxic, eco-friendly cleansing solutions that get your carpet fresh and clean while leaving behind no chemical residue.

Is there really a difference between steam cleaners in stores and the equipment your company uses?

Yes! The steam cleaners that consumers buy or rent aren’t powerful enough to draw the soapy water they dispense into carpeting back out of it. This can lead to mildew if the padding gets saturated, and the soapy, sticky residue left on the surface attracts dirt, so carpets can actually look worse after cleaning. Plus, the cleaning solutions sold to consumers often are either not powerful enough to clean well or are so harsh that they can damage carpet fibers.

Do you use truck mounted equipment?

Yes! We firmly believe in ongoing training and constant modernization, and we use the latest in truck mounted equipment and gentle but powerful eco-friendly cleaning solutions to give your carpet a deep, thorough cleansing that will leave it fresh, spotless and dry within about three hours.

Doesn't water damage carpets?

No. Today’s carpets are virtually water resistant, and our cleaning methods don’t soak carpeting, anyway. Most of the water that is used in cleaning is drawn back out of your carpets after the final rinse.

Do you soak the carpet backing and pad when you clean?

No. While our equipment is powerful enough to clean and rinse your carpets thoroughly, water doesn’t penetrate the carpet backing and reach the pad. After the rinsing, our vacuum technology draws moisture back out of your carpeting, so it is left just damp to the touch.

Are you able to remove any kind of stain?

While a few stains are impossible to remove, our special stain removal processes are highly successful in getting stains out that our customers thought were permanent.

Will professional cleaning really remove pet odors and stains from my carpet?

Our certified technicians are highly skilled and experienced in removing all kinds of stains and odors from carpeting, including those from pets. When they come to your home and inspect the areas of concern, they’ll give you an honest assessment of what can be done. We have great success with our special pet odor treatment methods, which offer safe, enzyme-based cleaning solutions for removing urine and feces from all kinds of carpeting.

Do you offer any kind of stain protection or barrier for carpets and furniture?

Yes. We offer Scotch Guard 3M treatment to help protect your newly-cleaned carpeting and upholstery from spills and stains. Note: some manufacturers require the application of a stain protector following a professional cleaning to maintain the warranty on their carpets.

I've heard that stains sometimes reappear just days after carpeting has been professionally cleaned. Do you offer any kind of guarantee on your work in case this happens to my carpet?

Stains that we remove with our powerful yet gentle cleaning methods typically don’t reappear, but occasionally, if a stain is deep enough, it might wick back to the carpet’s surface shortly after it has been cleaned. If this happens to you, simply give us a call. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

I've heard that once you steam clean carpeting, it gets dirtier faster. Why is this?

This is only true if the right equipment and cleaning methods aren’t used. If a soapy, sticky residue is left on carpeting by over-shampooing, insufficient rinsing or inefficient vacuuming of water, it will attract dirt, and the carpeting you thought was clean will get soiled very quickly. Our equipment and solutions don’t leave any residue behind, though, so your carpets will stay fresh and clean longer.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Whenever you have visible dirt or stains you want removed. For routine cleaning, please see the EPA’s recommended schedule.

Will having my carpets cleaned too often damage the fibers?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning at least once a year. The EPA recommends a schedule based on various conditions. Whenever your carpets get dirty however, even if it’s not time for a scheduled cleaning, you should have them cleaned. Dirt and sand that sticks to your carpet fibers and won’t be removed by a residential vacuum actually acts like sandpaper, scratching the fibers and breaking them down. This abrasive action continues causing damage until the source - the dirt and sand - are removed by a professional deep cleaning. Our non-toxic, eco-friendly cleansing solutions and gentle cleaning methods will get your carpets fresh and clean, leaving behind no chemical residue and no damage to your carpet’s fibers.

Will having my carpets cleaned void the manufacturer's warranty?

Absolutely not. In addition to frequent vacuuming and prompt clean-up of spills, carpet manufacturers stress the importance of regular deep cleanings to maintain the beauty of your new carpets.

Will cleaning leave my carpeting feeling stiff and crunchy?

Our cleaning won’t. Improper cleaning by some companies and by do-it-yourself methods often leave residues that make carpeting feel stiff and quickly attract dirt. Our thorough cleaning, rinsing and extraction methods leave carpets feeling luxuriously soft.

Are there any charges or fees that are not included in your estimates?

No. Our knowledgeable technicians will explain the cleaning process they recommend, custom-tailored to your needs, and give you an estimate on the spot. The estimate we give you will be the final price - there are no hidden charges or fees.

Do I have to move my furniture before your technicians arrive?

Our technicians are respectful of your belongings and are trained to safely move your lightweight furniture and put things back after they’ve cleaned. Due to liability reasons, we can’t move heavy furniture, electronics, china cabinets and shelves or bookcases that are full of items.

Do I need to vacuum before your crew arrives?

While frequent vacuuming is important to reduce allergens in your home and keep your carpets looking newer longer, you don’t need to worry about having freshly vacuumed carpets when our technicians arrive. We’ll vacuum all areas we’re working in prior to beginning the deep cleaning.

Do I need to stay home while my carpets are being cleaned?

Because we do on-site assessments and provide you with a firm price at that time, we prefer that someone in the home be present when our technicians arrive so that we can discuss any areas of concern and make sure that all of your questions are answered. After the cleaning process begins, you’re free to leave. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured, and they adhere to the strictest of professional and ethical standards, so you can feel secure leaving them in your home.

How long does the carpet cleaning process take?

It usually takes about 15-30 minutes to clean the average sized room, however the amount of dirt and spots on the carpeting, and the amount of furniture that needs to be moved, can make this time vary.

How long do carpets take to dry?

Our powerful moisture extraction equipment ensures that when our technicians leave your home, your carpeting will not be wet - it will just be damp to the touch. Typically, it will be completely dry in about three hours. Room temperatures, humidity, air flow and weather conditions can affect drying times.

How soon can my family and I walk on our carpeting after it has been cleaned?

Because the chemicals we use are perfectly safe and we leave the carpeting only damp, not wet, it can be walked on with clean feet immediately. It’s always best, however, if you can stay off the carpeting as much as possible until it’s completely dry.

Do you clean Berber carpet?

Yes! We are Berber, Hounds-tooth and wool carpet cleaning specialists.

Do you repair rips and water damage in carpets?

Yes! Our certified carpet technicians are well qualified to repair minor rips, tears and loose seams in carpeting. We even have emergency teams on call 24/7 to take care of water damage restoration and repair.

My carpeting is really old, and I'm considering just replacing it. Will professional cleaning really make it like new again?

It can. As long as your carpet isn’t worn to the point that you can see the backing, a good, professional cleaning can make it look fresh and plush again, buying you time before you go to the expense of replacing it.

Do you clean exotic area rugs?

Yes! We are the exotic rug cleaning specialists. We offer several luxury cleaning methods for Oriental, Persian, Indian and antique rugs, carpets and tapestries.

How often should exotic rugs be cleaned?

These items should be cleaned every one to two years.

How safe are your methods for cleaning exotic rugs?

Extremely safe and effective. We offer a risk free demonstration to ensure you that we can return your soiled exotic rug back to its brand new appearance.

Will having my carpeting and furniture cleaned help my allergies?

Yes. Carpet and upholstery trap allergens like dust and pollen, and these allergens are removed with proper professional cleaning methods. The result is a cleaner, fresher home with improved air quality.

How should my upholstery by cleaned?

The EPA hasn’t yet issued cleaning schedule guidelines for upholstery like it has for carpeting, but we recommended you have your upholstery cleaned every other time your carpet is cleaned. For example, if you get your carpets cleaned once a year, you should have your upholstery cleaned once every two years. More frequent cleaning is recommended if your pets are on your furniture frequently, or if you have spills or stains you want removed.

What kinds of upholstery do you clean?

Every type, from microfiber and chenille to suede and leather. Our exclusive upholstery fabric cleansing system is gentle yet through and features safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and a specially formulated pH balancing fiber rinse that removes the deepest of dirt and grime, along with any residual cleaning solution. The result is furniture that even looks and smells better than it did when it was new!

Do you clean mattresses?

Yes! We offer expert, non-toxic cleaning solutions to safely and thoroughly clean mattresses and pillows, leaving them hygienic and allergen free.

What kind of guarantee do you offer on your work?

We built our 20-year reputation as a leader in carpet cleaning by ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers each and every time. If there is ever an issue concerning our work, contact us within 30 days of your service so that we can promptly resolve it.

There are so many carpet cleaning companies to choose from. Why should I choose U.S. Pro Carpet Cleaning Service?

We are no fly-by-night company - we’re a family-owned business that has been customers for more than 20 years. Our business has grown from recommendations by our many happy long-time customers, and our reputation for providing expert, friendly service at low, value-packed prices is spotless!

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